My work in media has given me experience working on both long form, enterprise journalism and short term content for the web. After training in Multimedia Journalism with a focus in emerging media in journalism school at the University of Missouri, I took a job at a small production house called Tasty Productions. Primarily, my responsibilities involved producing, shooting and editing daily entertainment news videos in Premiere for a website called Celebified. The videos were published to multiple television news websites as well as our YouTube account that has just shy of 57,000 subscribers - complete with thumbnails retouched in Photoshop. 

During my time at the University of Missouri I spent time in many different newsrooms around town. At Newsy, an online news publication owned by Scripps, we created daily video content in Final Cut and Premiere. My time there was spent finding stories, writing and editing scripts and producing content for videos. I have also spent time working at KBIA 91.3, the NPR affiliate in Columbia, Missouri, where I worked for a show called Intersection that discussed community news. My responsibilities were to curate web content, find or take photographs and cut audio files in Adobe Audition to put on the web.

Outside the newsroom you are likely to find me preparing for an outdoor excursion, whether it is fishing, floating, or backpacking. I spent the summer of 2015 in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northwestern New Mexico working for the Boy Scouts of America.


Life has offered me the unique opportunity to develop a series of practical skills building schedules in kitchen environments, learning sales tactics in different retail environments, and understanding how to lead peers as a lifeguard.

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